Advantage of Prime Lens

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If you are new to DSLR photography you will, discover that your pictures don't look anything like the ones you find on the internet. In our photography tools we have been going through what you will need to close the gap, and here we will mention one important step - get a prime lens.

Most new DSLR users are on a tight budget. Some claim that the more expensive Zoom lenses can compete in quality with prime lenses. Your cheap kit-lens can, however, not compete with a cheap prime lens. Problem with a prime lens is that it doesn't have zoom. For family gatherings, where you wish to be able to capture all the moments, prime lenses are not very useful. However, for new DSLR users it is a huge motivator that the quality of your pictures is not too inferior of the quality of what you will see in professional pictures on the net. For example the Canon 50mm 1,8 is quite cheap and take amazing pictures. To get amazing pictures with a Canon Rebel and the 50mm 1,8 you will need good lightning and something that fits with this focal length. Perhaps this doesn't give you as much flexibility as you might wish, but it is a huge motivational boost to be able to take some great pictures and not everything is particularly inferior.

If your motivation is MORE than simply taking pictures of your friends and family, you should visit the site 500px and search for the kind of pictures you wish to take. As you will see the quality of potential competitors are extremely high. A cropped sensor camera and a prime lens alone will not bring you to the same level. Given the right light you will, however, be able to take tack sharp photos of particular subjects. Quality you will not be able to achieve using a point and shoot or a common kit-lens.