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After you have the basic gear and read through this site for a basic understanding of composition and the use of photography editing software, it might be time to search for places to get a deeper understanding of "what you are doing". In the beginning it can be all confusing. This site provides basic understanding. After getting some of the basic understanding you should start to watch some online photography related video casts and listen to podcasts. Where to spend your time is obviously dependent on whether you are enthusiast or a professional. For example, many free Youtube videos can be educational and entertaining. There is however large variety with some having a lot more of one than the other. Here is what we believe is the best resources for both those who wish to become a professional or even take a step up from professional to a renowned expert to those who just want to get more a basic understanding of everything from composing your picture to post processing.

Online Photography - Free Learning

For online courses - nothing beats free. There are numerous short and free youtube videos. Quality of these are, however, usually quite low. Most of the better ones don't provide an in debt learning. Instead it is an instruction related to a particular subject. Some of the free options are fortunately of better quality and longer length.

B&H Learning videos

Many of their videos are product related. Other videos are instruction related. These typically lasts for more than one hour and topica include from art, photography tips to post processing. For example the video below is an instruction video with many cool Photoshop tips. This is one of the YouTube channels you should check out on a regular basis:

Kelby training - free photography education

There are some other free instruction video series. Most are not worth checking out. Below under paid training I feature Kelby Training as the best choice. They also have a lot of good free videos. They are therefore worth a visit from the beginning of your training. Their main expertise is Photoshop, but their free photo review videos are also very educational.
Below is one of those review episodes with sport photographer Dave Black:

Podcasts and other training in Photography

One of the better ways to learn for free are podcasts. In general these are quite enjoyable with a low level of learning. Some of them are also mainly focused on the social aspect for photographers. For example the Trey Ratcliff hangout has turned into a hangout where photographers get to talk about themselves and show pictures. At times not very educational. Others are very professional with a strong focus on the topic of the day. Some of the good podcasts are:
1. This week in Photo - With a strong and long record with more than 300 episodes on can assume that this one is here to stay. Not only are they here to stay, they also keep to the topic of the day. A great place to learn a little photography while being entertained.
2. Martin Bailey Photography Podcast - Being a commercial photographer these podcasts can at times have some commercial element. Some of the podcasts can also be related to his personal style of photography and printing. That being said, very few podcasts stays online for any length of time and this has been long enough to be worth checking out.

You will find other podcasts. Problem is that they tend to be so unregularly updated that by the next update you will already have forgotten them.

Educational Youtube videos for photography

A more popular recent developing feature is the Google+ hangouts. You can search for them in Youtube and filter out the ones lasting less than 20 minutes.
One example is the Trey Ratcliff hangout. He is kind of a Jesus figure in photography with quite a big following.
It is not completely undeserved as he has been somewhat of a pioneer figure with HDR at his site Stuckincustoms.

Another regular video worth mentioning is Alex Koloskov's photography review. This is related to studio photography and might therefore have limited appeal.
If you ever might have a future interest in product photography Koloskov's reviews should check out this site.

Online Photography - Paid courses

There are currently a vast number of training courses provided by individual sites. Usually these are made by the website owner with his crew.
Example is the site StuckinCustoms mentioned above for the HDR enthusiast.
Alex Koloskov sells e-books and videos related to studio photography at
Another site in the High Quality category is Serge Ramelli with High Dynamic range instructions at Photoserge.

Beyond the high quality instruction videos mentioned above - there are two places for Pro learner.
Kelby Training - This site has a strong focus on photoshop and photography. It features a huge amount of expert photographers within their fields.
So regardless of which area of photography that interests you, you will have endless hours of videos of instructions from beginner to pro level.
Lynda Training - This site is huge. It focuses on teaching everything from web-design, photoshop and photography. With the huge variety of course you will never get through this site. If you are only interest in the photography related part - Kelby Training is a better choice.