Magic Lantern Review

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First off, this is not a review in the classical sense as I'm already a big fan of the software. Secondly, this is not an official canon product. Use it at your own risk!
Perhaps you should first try it in a camera you would not be too afraid of loosing like an old Canon t2i (Canon 550D)
That being said, you really should consider using this firmware at it greatly can enhance your camera.

Whenever there are camera reviews of a Canon camera that can use the magic lantern plugin, it is unfair to use the factory version of the Canon camera as the basis for the comparison. With the Magic Lantern firmware you really have a higher quality camera. Just as a regular camera can have man features you will never need, you might not need any of the extra features provided. If you do not need anything that Magic Lantern provides, there isn't any reasons to install it. However, with this firmware you will have much better opportuity to have more than 3 bracketed photos for HDR-photography and to a larger extent possibilities to under and over expose than what you will find in the default camera.

Not only for HDR but also for other kind of photography there is a huge advantage to have an external shutter release. Problem is that not only do they cost money, but they also is something extra to bring with you. With Magic Lantern you can, if you wish, shoot the pictures without touching the camera, only using the eye sensor behind the camera. Only negative so far is that I often release it accidentaly when the lens cap is on causing the camera to take a picture with a very long exposure.

Other features is the easy menu system, possibility to film in HDR (post-production required). For example, I sometime uses Mirror-lockup to get as sharp pictures as possible.
You can also do that with the original camera, but it is much easier using Magic Lantern.
Your pictures will not become better by using this firmware so some might argue that it should not be in the top 10 list. For the pro it probably shouldn't be in the top 10. For the beginner it surely is a nice addon for your basic DSLR camera. To see the features and cameras it is available for visit Magic Lantern.