M732 Photography Guide

Last Updated 25. April 2013

Giving you the best information for the beginning photographer.
Our aim is to provide you with short and consice information and give guides to the best places to visit on the net.
All information written by people who themselves have searched in the labyrints as beginner photographers with their first DSLR.

Photography Basics

1. Basic Composition
2. Triangle: ISO, Aperture and Shutter

Top Photography Tools

1. Adobe Lightroom (or Photoshop)
2. Prime lens supplement to kit-lens
3. Online photography learning and books
4. Tripod
5. Magic Lantern (Canon only)
6. Extra zoom lens
7. Website and or blog
8. Speciality learning resources
9. Accessories for your particular needs

All pictures on this site can be used freely as long as a you provide a link back to m732.com or to the site mentioned with the picture.
The link can be at the bottom at the page. The pictures may be used on commercial websites.